wiseenough. X Stefanie Millinger

I love animals and the one line design represents that I'm a pusher. In addition, sustainability and the best organic quality were a must for me. I'm so happy I was able to do this with wise enough, a local brand.

Stephanie Millinger

wiseenough. meets Stefanie Millinger

Not least because of her love for animals and her commitment to sustainability, working on the Stefanie Millinger X wise enough collection was something very special. In addition to her exceptional talent as an athlete, Stefanie has a wonderfully creative mind - so the designs went all the more easily. All styles are limited to 50 pieces. Being quick pays off, because as a special goodie, the first 10 who order a style will get the artwork of the respective style as an NFT on top.

Pre-Order. How does this work?

Pre-order means that you order the item within the pre-order window of 14 days. After the pre-order period has expired, your style will be manufactured, refined and finally sent to you. With this you make a clear statement - you are no longer part of the second dirtiest industry in the world and you help us to produce with pinpoint accuracy.

Non-fungible tokens

For the collectors among you, we have something very special - because the first 10 to order a style will also receive the artwork of the style as an NFT. So you get the print as a digital artwork on top of your order. If you don't know NFT yet - no problem, we have linked a video to explain it.

NFT explained