Pre-Order System

Pre-Order System - How does it work?

1. Pre Order Session

We will inform you via our newsletter or our social media channels when the next pre-order session will start and how long it will run. During the pre-order phase (5-7 days) you have the opportunity to order your new favorite item at an exclusive pre-order price. The reason is simple and sustainable: we can then estimate how many pieces of a certain style are needed and then order exact quantities. This rules out overproduction.

2. Production & Finishing

After the pre-order period has expired, the production order goes to our production partners - the sheltered workshops. There your part will be refined, i.e. printed & embroidered. This takes between 2 and 3 weeks.

3. Quality check and shipping

Sobald der Artikel fertig produziert ist, holen wir ihn direkt vor Ort ab und es erfolgt ein letzter Quality-Check. Nachdem der Style von uns freigegeben wurde, verpacken wir ihn und der Versand an dich erfolgt noch am selben Tag.



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